The Jeremias Group are Europe's leading manufacturer of Flue, Chimney & Exhaust systems, offering high quality and innovative solutions across all areas of process, heat and energy production within the Industrial and Commercial sector.

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Willis & Thornley Ltd is regarded as one of the longest-standing names in the UK for industrial design, manufacture and installation, including a wide range of industrial chimneys, support masts, lattice frames, flues, silencers and general fabrications.

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Industrial chimneys

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Willis & Thornley Ltd, the company for all your Industrial Chimney Solutions

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The top quality of Willis & Thornley products is based on the deep-seated quality awareness of our employees.

What we do at Willis & Thornley

More than 47 years 

Bespoke Engineering Solutions

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Jeremias is synomymous with durable quality & continuous innovation, with 100+ CE certified systems covering specific applications for the exhaust industry, complemented by freestanding Industrial steel chimneys up to 3 meters in diameter.

Willis & Thornley Ltd offer streamlined engineering solutions. 
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All our design and manufacture is undertaken in line with our certified Factory production control manual and UKCA/CE certified to EN 1090 EXC 3.


Manufactured from a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steels and weather plate. We build Clad Chimneys, Multi core chimneys from specialist bespoke designs to meet the client requirements 

Flue Systems

Support Masts

We build all types of support masts from single posts, complex lattice frames and specialist bespoke architectural designs to meet the client requirements. 

Complimenting our structural design and manufacturing capacity we can offer a full range of twin wall stainless steel flues to suit all applications. All Twin wall flue systems are offered with CE marking to BS EN 1856. Fully welded flue systems to suit Boiler applications, CHP Exhausts and specialist applications can be offered when required.

Combining the latest in computer aided design, 3D modelling with our modern manufacturing facility we can offer general fabrications from a variety of materials.

General Fabrications

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Energy Centre Windshield

Contracted to supply and install 3 nr 1000mm internal diameter flues, 2 nr 800mm internal diameter flues serving pressure jet boilers and 1 nr 650mm internal diameter CHP exhaust, encased in a bespoke elliptical windshield. Changing Glasgow’s skyline for generations to come.

The windshield was delivered to site in eight individual sections containing six chimneys that were then craned into position and bolted together.

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